About Us

Welcome to CottonGram !
We are a fashion startup based in Tokyo, Japan. Our designers are scattered all over the world: from San Francisco, to Sydney, and the island of Bali !
We have a mission to bring laughter and inspiration to the world through our designs. We believe that reading funny and inspirational quotes could make someone’s day. So by purchasing our T-shirts, not only will you bring laughter and inspiration to yourself, ┬ábut to the countless of people who see you walking around in that shirt.
We currently partner with Teespring for our production and delivery. Being one of the biggest T-shirt printers out there, your order is in safe hands!
If you have an idea for a design, please do drop us an email at hello@cottongram.com, and we would be happy to consider your design.
Happy shopping and spread the message of laughter and inspiration !
CottonGram Team